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Her name was Rachel

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Rachael Her name was Rachel — He brought her home to meet us fairly early in that season of his life. It was an awkward introduction, at best, as we all stood in the family room and stared.Deciding on a name is a really hard thing, partially because so many gun guys name theirs after an ex-girlfriend or movie star, so, my guess always was she was named after the supermodel Rachel Hunter who was so hot a few years ago. When I asked, “Who is Rachel?” he just grinned.

Rachel was my husband’s sniper rifle. She came home one day in the take-home car along with the trunk full of tools of the trade of any SWAT officer. I have to say, Dean loved sniper training, schools, competitions and the science of it all. When I asked him the origin of the name “Rachel” with crossed arms, he laughed and told me she had been named that by her previous owner, another SED (Special Enforcement Detail) member, and as the name seemed to fit, that Benelli was christened Rachel. Guns do become an extension of an officer or a soldier’s body, long after the calls and wars are over. When they belong to the good guys, They need a good name.

The things you learn as a cop’s wife.

Tonight I watched the incredibly well-done movie “American Sniper” based on the life of that famous heroic sniper Chris Kile. I was moved, inspired, torn and stunned that a theatrical re-enactment could grab my heart so tightly. Chris saw so much action he lived 100 lives in his missions. In comparison, Dean’s time as a sniper was fairly calm — there were call-outs where snipers were deployed but they were resolved quickly and incomparable to what the Seals initiated and endured.

He would have LOVED this movie, but like me, would have hated the tragic ending. It had me sobbing. I send my most sincere condolences to his wife and children.

It’s a crazy, messed up world. Knowing that none of it can be changed, I remembered In the words of another warrior, William Wallace of Braveheart, “Every man dies, some men never live “.

Crazy that I shared him with Rachel.
I am thankful for our Sheepdogs.
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