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Lesa Johnson

” The American Dream”

Posted by Lesa Johnson
american_dream-lesa-johnsonAnticipating the birth of a friend’s child is one of the most exciting experiences in life. This week I became excited for another sort of baby, about to be born. This “baby” is a new company that I believe will transform the way America handles chores and odd jobs that no one else is able to tackle.

In case you haven’t heard, let me introduce you to “TAKL”.

(And since this is my blog, I can brag a little ! )

My Uncle Willis Johnson has a successful track record of birthing successful companies, growing them from small private ventures to, in Copart’s case, a massive Fortune-500 publicly traded investment opportunity. Willis, while In supposed retirement, together with close friends and a few family members has gestated a new Tennessee-founded company that can complete jobs, chores, honey-do’s and projects with efficiency and simplicity. It’s 100% app-driven and tech structured. If you don’t have a smartphone you can’t use it, or work for it.

Mom and I visited the “nursery” of this “baby”, the brain of the new operation that I believe is about to take TN by storm. Photos don’t do the complex justice, for there is a strong heartbeat of possibilities in this freshly-painted headquarters.

Think of Uber, or Lyft – a completely APP-driven army of available handy men and women to complete those small jobs around the house or office in minutes . Ironing, laundry, gardening, repairs, washing windows, painting a wall, endless possibilities. Completely safe, vetted, and a name that Willis believes with be franchises and likely be in dozens of states within a few years. This service will enable widows, the elderly, the busy, the time crunched executive and the aspiring DIY-ER a little help and hope to get things done.

Yes, I’m proud. I’m excited. I’m happy for so many people who will be employed. I’m inspired by a state that encourages and empowers entrepreneurialism and guts.

I will say “I remember then! “

I smile, as I note this “baby’s” name — TAKL –for I will look back fondly to this freshly-birthed company’s start where I experienced how much of America’s lives were improved because finally, help is simply one click away .

I’m thankful, and I’m proud . www.takl.com
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