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Lesa Johnson

“Proceed to the Route”

Posted by Lesa Johnson
Road trips are fun, and easier than ever with the help of modern GPS to guide you to destinations unknown. This week I made a solo car trip, driving 700 miles round-trip to attend a wedding in Lancaster. I trusted my iphone to guide the way.

Leaving the reception, I entered my hotel data and pressed “route” on maps, but to my dismay, I got nothing! The phone showed an endless, searching circle. I was apparently out of cell service range, and I had no idea how to get back. I drove aimlessly for about 30 minutes, looking for something familiar until a signal came in . Yeah! During that time that I was off track, I was desperately praying for God to guide me and keep me safe. It was late, dark, and I was afraid.

I’ve always trusted Siri and my GPS to get me where I wanted to go – the thought never struck me that it might fail. I’ve never questioned it, but this time there was an error. I needed a critical signal, and that failed to appear.

In my own life I have also placed my trust in things that failed — people, prestige, money, career paths, health, even grades. In my times of taking my eyes off of God’s way, and his route, I’ve wandered from His will and the balance He teaches us in His Word, the Holy Bible. In Psalm 119:105 he says “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light for my path”. God has the best navigation system of all !

When I take a wrong turn in my car, Siri says to “proceed to the route”. That means, get back on track ! I know I have to Look at that end destination, and press start again. God says to Trust Him in all circumstances, and He will lead and guide us through our unique life path. God loves us so much he gives us each a roadmap, and a new chance every day to start from wherever we are in life to that destination that is our calling. It is that journey that leads to a closer walk with Him, if we only trust Him and his guidance to lead and show the way.

(Originally written for the Bayside Church of Citrus Heights, July 2016)
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