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Lesa Johnson

Last days ~ Ends are Beginnings

Posted by Lesa Johnson
lrg_lastdayAs a child, we were lucky to have a Shetland pony named Nimbus. We didn’t ride him a lot, but we loved to run our own footpath just on the other side of his pasture fence. Up and down the side of the pasture we would chase, enticing Nimbus to follow us on the little worn trail on his side of the fence. What we loved, you see, was the fact that as Nimbus increased his speed to a trot, he would without fail need to pass gas! My brother and I, and whatever cousins happened to be visiting, would melt into peals of laughter at our high-octane pony, “old Mr. fart” himself.

Time went on and school days started, and with ranch chores and church activities, poor old Nimbus eventually got forgotten other than his daily flake of hay and tub of water. At some point, my Dad decided that Nimbus would do better at another home, and so, He let us know that our old pony was going to a new home.

The last day we truly wore that old pony out. For once, we couldn’t ride him enough ! We greedily took turns and each wanted the “very last ride”. Ironically, in his final day we finally did what we should have done all along– spent quality time with him and have fun together.

As I look back to Nimbus, and my lovely ranch childhood, I acknowledge the story of Nimbus has in some ways been repeated in this family cabin. It’s always been here– I pay the payment, insure it, and keep it safe and secure for “someday”. However, I’ve so rarely taken the time to check OUT of my other life to check INTO the retreat I created. Too busy, and too tired to make the drive here alone, my retirement heaven has become my working heartache. So, I am reconciled to passing it on, to another family who will “enjoy the ride”. What a beautiful place I’ve had the privilege of owning for a season.

I’m thankful for my season of life and the lessons I learned from Nimbus – to remember to have fun, and to take good care and be gentle for no one is guaranteed another day to run. Life is full of seasons and they are constantly changing. Things of this world don’t last forever. They were never intended to.

What a lovely race, through the pastures of my life. Packing up for the next good season, and regardless of the track or place, I pray I can remember to smell the roses, sing the joys, and proclaim a positive fragrance of that space and those people at that time. I am grateful.

Until He comes, or until He calls me home, I’m preparing for the next season in my life, trusting God.

So much love, so much beauty. Blessed be.
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