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Family Fights

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I followed a bickering couple out of Costco– I had stopped to buy some roses, I feel called to the cemetery today to pay my respects to my beloved. The couple was so angry about a spider– a Halloween decoration the wife wanted, the husband did not. The fight wasn’t private, it wasn’t pretty, and it ended in slamming doors on a Prius.

I gently placed my flowers on the passenger side seat and on a whim, thought about strapping them in. I did not.. I chuckled and then remembered the passage Our church has studied these last two weeks. You know, the devil doesn’t want us to have good relationships . He wants us to “live below the line”. In John 10:10 the Word says ” the thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

I’m not saying Dean and I never fought. We disagreed, for sure, but we loved and love was the superior emotion. I had, and have, a mostly rich and satisfying life. If you’re lucky enough to have a loved passenger in your life car, remember they deserve ( and you deserve !) the tender attention that my passenger received today, a gentle hand. The only guaranteed day was yesterday. Fights come and go. Making up is the best …. And forgiveness.

I’m headed to the cemetery, then home to ” do the next thing” and get through these tough two next days. I’m still a Jeremiah 29:11 girl because I choose to live above the line. I’m not alone, I have a wonderful family and more friends than I can count. I am loved and I choose life, love and forgiveness. #blessedbe
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In some ways, this is how I will always remember your family… I feel blessed to have known Dean, and seen your boys grow up to be such good men.To my boys… “The Great Competitor”Beyond the winning and the goal Beyond the glory and the fame. He feels the flame within his soul.Born of the