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Lesa Bio

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Lesa Johnson is a daughter, mom, sister and friend.   She’s a creative visionary, a chatty-Kathy, a musician, a wordsmith,  and and lover of God. A widow since 2012, Lesa openly shares the messy “widow road” and other random life experience with her friends through social media, speaking and blogging.  She spends her day job of nearly three decades helping people every day in the financial services field, and self-admittedly spends spare time reading way too late into the evening (so she’s always tired!). She rounds out the weekend by  taking care of her pets, family, and home, and finally, finding her “creative call” through writing her story wile waiting in line at Starbucks.  Eclectic, a lover of coffee, chocolate, what’s right, babies and gardening, Lesa is a Member of the  Board of directors to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Sacramento, and serves as a Board member at Bayside Church of Citrus Heights.
She is an “explorer with a limp” and writes to grow and encourage others.
Bio Lesa
Bio ProfileLesa Johnson is a daughter, mom, sister and friend.She’s a creative visionary, a chatty-Kathy, a musician, a wordsmith, and and lover of God. Simplicity, ranch life heart emoticon #farmersdaughter #cafranch #pureandsimple.
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